Having spent over 30 years in leadership positions in management and marketing with major design and constuction firms in the United States, Neil A. Dick launched the Dick Group in 1997 to provide support to firms in facets of the building and construction industry. Neil brings together a network of affiliated independent consultants to support a wide rande of activity. The focus is non creating an environment that  promotes profitable delivery of services that clients needs to sustain growth.


The Dick Group, through Neil Dick, serves professional service firms , construction organizations, building product companies, developers, public entities, development, organizations and building owners. We operate both on a retained basis on long term development and implementation often extending over a two to three year period, and on specific task assignments, clients have ranged from traditional design firms, govenmental entities to non - profit organizations. We focus on clients that are more active in the institutional marketplace and have worked directly for many school districts, healthcare institutions including both acute care and specialty care, building owners and developers.


Several clients have been under contract on a multi- year retained basis and many have been on a repeat basis. Neil Dick is available individually or as part of a team to serve a variety of needs. the markets that Neil focuses on include: Health Care , Education, Not-for Profit Service Organizations, Governmental and Institutional. The services and areas of activity include:



  1. RETAINED BUSINESS DEVELOPEMENT AND SALES:  Working with firms to develop new clients in a specific market, region or service where experienced sales leadership is needed on a time limited basis. Minimum time period involves a six month commitment.

  1. STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT DEVELOPEMENT: Work with firms to develop specific business plans and then assist in the implementation of the plan. Facilitate Management retreats to address organizational developement.

  1. MERGERS AND ACQUISITION: Through a 14 Step process, identify acquisition or merger candidates in a specific location, market and/or service segment for growth. The process utilized increases the probability of success by creating an enviroment that puts all parties on the same page and assures that everyone is in agreement as to why it is being done. The process works whether you are looking to acquire or be acquired. Successful acquisitions have been done in both large cities and small communities with single office and multiple office organizations. The process can also be utilized for a variety of service organizations.

  1. ALLIANCE AND PARTNERING DEVELOPEMENT: Whether for long -term or specific client- project opportunities , we have developed a process that identifies the right alliance partner and allows winning teams to pursue work that could not be pursued without such an arrangement. Special programs for Minority and Women Owned Businesses.

 SPECIFIC CLIENT DEVELOPMENT AND PROJECT TEAM LEADERSHIP: In the healthcare , institutional, educational and governmental market segments where an project principal is needed, Mr.Dick participates as a part of a  design or  constuction service firm team to provide added client-type experience  in pursuit of new work.

  1. IMAGE SURVEYS: Assist Firms in determining how they are viewed by clients, peers and staff to allow development of meaningful growth and improvement plans.

  1. CORPORATE RETREATS : Whether for planning, team building or organizational development, organize and facilitate retreats for management development.

  1. CONTRACT DEVELOPMENT AND NEGOTIATIONS : Represent design firms in complex contract negotiations, especially in public sector work.

  1. NEW OFFICE START UPS: Represent a firm in a new geographic location to assist in the start-up of a new office.

  1. MANAGEMENT ADVISOR: Serve as  confidential advisor to senior management in organizational and staff development.

  1. TRANSITION PLANNING: Develop Ownership and/or management transition plan to assurer organizational ability to pass to next generation.


  1. MARKET AND SITE ASSESSMENT: Provides surveys to determine feasibility for new development, identify site potentials and assist in representing groups or individuals in new growth opportunities.

  1. FEASIBILITY STUDIES: Determine the feasibility of a new development or activity including market surveys, site evaluations and ability to achieve goals and objectives.

  1. PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Similar to Owner's Representation but more oriented to pre-design and construction phases of development. 



  1. PROGRAM MANAGEMENT SERVICES:  Includes operating as an Owner's Representative assisting in putting together and overseeing the hiring of professionals and representing the client/owner in the selection of and interaction or architects, engineers and construction service entities.

  1. FACILITIES ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT:  Assist the owner and operate as "in-house" staff in conducting assessments and  building management services.

  1. PROGRAMMING AND PLANNING SUPPORT:  Specifically in the healthcare and educational markets, provide support services to assist in these specific building types. This includes everything from site assessments, feasibility, and phased implementation programs.

  1. PROJECT MANEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT:  Provide suppport from the initial on set of a program through planning, design and ultimate construction and implementation.



  1. BOND ISSUE AND REFERENDUM SUPPORT:  Assist school districts bond issues and gaining community support from new dewvelopment. Assist Not- for-Profits in Fund Raising and Bond issue programs.

  1. PROGRAM MANAGEMENT and/or OWNER'S REPRESENTATION SERVICES:  Whether for healthcare institutions, school districts, municipalities or other public entities,provide representation services on behalf of either owner or the user in dealing with design and construction entities.

  1. CLIENT ADVOCACY:  Interact on behalf of public entity or school system with specific community development groups or neighborhood organizations.


  1. SOFT SERVICE DEVELOPMENT: Identify new or non-traditional services for design firms to add to their portfolio for increasing marketshare and profitability. Manage a process that allows for  non-traditional building implantation  and delivery programs.

  1. DESIGN/BUILD AND TURNKEY PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Special programming and partnering to provide more effective and profitable delivery options. Assist both from the service provider end and the owner application models.

  1. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT FOR HEALTHCARE : Medical Office and Clinical Facilities Development. Planning and program implementation for both acute and long-term healthcare operations. Special programs for development of continuum care organizations.

  1. BUILDING SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT: Whether Pre-engineered Building or  Modular Building Systems, programs for development and enhancement of technologically advanced building delivery methods.

  1. BUILDING PRODUCTS MARKETING AND SALES: Assistance and sales support to building product manufacturers and distributors.


Neil Dick's clients typically have included professional service firms, building development and construction organizations, acute and long-term healthcare organizations,  K-12 AND higher education institutions,
not -for-profit institutions, governmental entities, financial and legal consultants, and real estate entities.
Clients are located throughout the United States.

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